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Network Cabling Installations

Fibre has seen massive growth lately with cost to deploy having dropped substantially especially in the FTTX market due to PON.
Within the Enterprise Passive Optical LAN is the latest expansion of PON. Fibre further offers traditional benefits like speed, stability and distance barrier making it an attractive choice. We employ the required expertise in house enabling us to deploy any fibre related technology.
Sibane Solutions carries out the design, installation, testing and maintenance of fibre optic systems including fusion splicing and termination of multi-mode and single-mode fibre cables.

Wireless and RF

The in-building wireless network is a fast evolving technology that continues to offer faster speeds, greater stability with better data encryption and security.

For any enterprise considering a wireless implementation, a good network architect is an absolute must, preferably an architect who understands security issues associated with enterprise wireless networks. It will save time and money down the road to have a clear understanding of your goals and capabilities, and the expected returns from the investment, before investing in this technology.

The first critical issue is whether you need a local area network technology to support internal users or a wide area network solution to support a workforce that is out in the field.

Wireless networking (i.e. the various types of unlicensed 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi devices) is used to meet many needs. Perhaps the most common use is to connect laptop users who travel from location to location. Another common use is for mobile networks that connect  via satellite. A wireless transmission method is a logical choice to network a LAN segment that must frequently change locations. 

The following situations justify the use of wireless technology; 

  • The distance span is beyond the capabilities of typical cabling

  • To provide a backup communications link in case of normal network failure

  • To link portable or temporary workstations

  • To overcome situations where normal cabling is difficult or financially impractical

  • To remotely connect mobile users or networks.

CCTV & Security Solutions



These systems are designed to control entry to a specific area, these can be extremely simple for example a single mechanical lock but can often become more complicated incorporating intruder alarms and CCTV systems. At Sibane Solutions we have the capability and experience to deliver on all levels.

With the current levels of crime business must consider some form of surveillance as the damage to business be it property or productivity can be exorbitant. CCTV therefore must be in place, operational and accessible.

Sibane Solutions is a professional supplier and installer of CCTV equipment ensuring protection of our clients’ assets. We have
partnered with top suppliers to offer best of breed technology that will fit any environment and under arduous conditions.

The most common use of CCTV security systems are to monitor and control entrance access points. This then grows to an almost limitless option covering vandalism control, hidden cameras, stock management etc.

Sibane Solutions has the capability to design, install and maintain any CCTV system; no matter how simple or complex the application or environment. Our company installs systems that comply with the latest CCTV standards and regulations.

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Fibre Optics

First MPO Data-Centre in Southern Africa

Abstract Architecture

Sibane Solutions successfully reticulated and implemented a nationwide installation of 13 Remote Hubs/Switching Centres

Audiovisual Conference

Sibane Solutions successfully roll-out and installation of a nationwide franchise store network upgrade. Under very time constrainted project timelines

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